Saturday, November 17, 2007


Costa Rica has a very humid climate. We really noticed the difference in the humidity when we first arrived from California. However, now that we have been here for a few months, it does not seem like such a big deal.
The rainy season is coming to an end and Costa Rica's summer is beginning. The weather has been colder lately, and even though the rain is lightening up, we have not been seeing much sun. Also, it is starting to get really windy, and there have been nights when the doors in our house have been slamming open and shut all night from the draft.
Even we don't notice the humidity at much these days, there are still times when we are reminded of it. For example, a lot of kids have been sick at school lately, and the cleaning ladies swear that it is because of "la clima humida." Another thing that makes you very aware of the climate is the green mold. We have a few leather belts that we have not worn much, and they became extremely moldy. One of the belts almost looked like it had miniature alfalfa sprouts growing out of it. The mold has also attacked shoes, sweatshirts, jackets, and more. There was a tupperware container in the sink that had a little bit of rice in it. We were pretty busy with school, so it sat in the sink for about a day before it was washed out. Once it was opened, we saw that it had grown a very hairy looking mold that filled up the whole container. Today we went to the store and bought a bucket with some chemicals in it that is designed to dry out the air. Maybe this will solve our problem.

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