Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Another Quick Beach Trip

Last weekend we decided that even though it had only been a week since our trip to Guanacaste, that another beach trip would be fun. We opted for the much closer Playa Hermosa. On Saturday morning we left the house before 7 and managed to not get lost at all on our way to Hermosa. We were there by about 9:30 AM. We stayed at a hotel which appeared to be the best within our price range from the pictures on the internet. We could have done better. While the room was very bright (blue all over) it didn't seem to be very clean..like we opted not to shower until we got home the next day because of the look of the tub. The location wasn't exactly ideal either (located in between the bar and the public bathrooms). Oh and the sound of giant lizards crawling on the tin roof wasn't very fun either. Well, we figured that we weren't going to spend too much time in the hotel room anyway so we made the best of it. We had two great days at the beach full of surfing and sun bathing. On Saturday night we walked down the beach to another hotel that had a great big patio and we watched the sunset while a local band ( of overaged hippies) played pretty good cover music and a few of their own songs too. It was fun. We left midday on Sunday and made it back to Escazu ready for a quick bite to eat and a shower. For that quick bite to eat we stopped by the grocery store to grab some lettuce for a salad and a few other things. We came out quickly ready to get home, unpack, and get clean. BUT...the car wouldn't start :( So thank goodness for the kindness of strangers we had an expat, a guard from our school, and an off duty mechanic help get the car started about 45 minutes later. That (thankfully) was the end of our fun and eventful weekend at the beach. Enjoy the pictures!

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