Friday, September 26, 2008

The good life

The school year has been flying by and we are loving life in Guanacaste. Our puppy, Isa, is growing a lot. She loves to go for walks, dig holes, chew up plants, eat bugs, play fetch, bark at the security guards, visit with other teachers' dogs, eat, bite your hand with her needle teeth and sleep. Isa seemed to be house trained, although she has regressed this past week. She has had her first two series of vaccinations, so she is finally allowed to go places, such as the beach (there are many fatal dog diseases here that wipe out a lot of dogs). Isa loves the beach. She is a great swimmer, although she was scared of the water at first. She also like digging up sand and chasing coconuts.
We have also had more car problems, as usual. Right now our car is getting a new radiator, because the old one was ancient, and kept overheating. It has been very hard to find a good mechanic around here, but the most recent one we went to seems reliable.
One of the perks of teaching at CDS is that you get free membership to the Conchal Melia resort. The resort is right by the school, and people usually have to pay a few hundred dollars a night to stay there. There are really nice pools, tennis courts, golf courses, gyms, and beach access. It is part of the Reserva Conchal, which means that there hundreds of acres of land surrounding and secluding the property. We mainly go there to use their gym, but we have also gone to hang out by the pool.There are shuttles that pick you up and take you wherever you want to go on the property.

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