Monday, February 16, 2009

It's been awhile...

Sorry, we haven't had a chance to update this blog in months. Things have been busy, and we have been having a lot of fun. We had a lot of fun in the states over the holidays, and after that we flew back to Central America, only to Nicaragua. We spent a few days in Granada checking out the cathedral, colonial buildings, markets, and Lake Nicaragua. We will try to post some pics from that trip on here as well.

Life in Guanacaste has been so pleasant and relaxing. The weather is gorgeous this time of year (it's summer right now)- it's warm, sunny, and breezy everyday. Actually the offshore winds got a little too strong for about a week and knocked over a few tall banana trees in our backyard. In some places the wind even knocked down houses!

Every weekend there have been different fiestas in different towns, and we have gone to many of them, like La Garrita, Villa Real, Tempate, Santa Cruz, Huacas, and Brasilito. The fiestas have bull riding, greasy fair food, music, and dancing. They all take place in the summer because the weather is so nice.

Our classes have been steadily growing, which is good for the school, even if it means a little more work for us. Our classes are still so much smaller than they would be if we were teaching in CA, so we have nothing to complain about. Also, we get a lot of prep time everyday, so we can usually get out of school pretty early in the day with time to go to the beach, gym, etc.

On our weekends we like to explore the coast and go to different beaches, like Playa Grande and Avellanas. We went on a camping trip to Marbella a few weeks ago, and the area was beautiful, but it was pretty isolated, and next time we will probably camp in an area where there are more people. Today we just got back from an overnight trip to Playa Junquillal, which is about an hour south of our place. We had a great time, and it was nice hanging out on the beach in the slow little town. In the next few months we have a few sets of visitors coming, and we are looking forward to showing people around the paradise that we call home :)

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