Sunday, August 9, 2009

work, licenses, and snakes

Tomorrow we go back to work. Actually, this week we are just having meetings and getting our classrooms ready. The following week is when the kids come back and all of the action begins. Allie will be busy moving into her new classroom (right next door to me) where she will be teaching a 2nd / 3rd grade combination class. I will be in the same room teaching fourth grade.

Last Friday we drove up to Liberia to get our drivers licenses renewed, and everything actually went really smooth. It must have paid off that we were so patient and persistent the day before when we got all of our bank and medical stuff together. The COSEVI in Liberia was a lot smaller than the one that we went to in San Jose two years earlier. The guys working their were really friendly and helpful, and we were in and out in less than 30 minutes.

This morning we Allie opened the back door to let Isa out, and said "What is that?!" in a calm but concerned voice. There was a little snake curled up in the doorway, exactly where Allie found the tarantula a few days earlier. I tried to get it into a box, but it slithered under an air conditioning box outside. We were able to snap some pictures, and when we showed them to our neighbor Kim, who teaches biology, she told us that it was some kind of venomous baby viper, probably a fer de lance. That was the first snake that we have ever found down here, and we feel really lucky that no one got hurt.

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