Sunday, September 16, 2007

Independence Day

September 15 was Costa Rica's Independence Day, but since it fell on a Saturday this year, most people celebrated on Friday. At our school everyone dressed up in traditional costumes. The boys dressed up like "campesinos," with white shirts, jeans, white hats, and bandanas. Some also had sandals and wooden machetes. The girls wore traditional white blouses and colorful skirts that looked like the Costa Rican flag. Also, they wore their hair braided in pigtails.
At 9:00 the entire elementary school met down at the playground for a parade with "faroles," or lanterns. Everyone marched in a parade up by the office, where students, staff, and family got together for speeches, songs, and dances that celebrated Costa Rica.
It was a very fun day, and it was great to see the kids playing at recess in their outfits. The students were literally bouncing with excitement all day. Some students wore Mexican outfits since Sunday was Mexican Independence Day. The cafeteria served traditional food, including rice and beans and plantains. It was really nice to share the traditions of another culture's national holiday.

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