Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Yesterday we bought a car! We have been checking the Costa Rica car ads online and in the papers since we got here, and a couple of days ago we came across a 1991 Toyota 4 Runner. We had both conveniently received our second paychecks that day , so after draining our accounts we had just about enough money to buy it.
It was a little bit stressful trying to understand what the guy selling the car was saying while test driving it, but after a few hours it seemed like a good car for us. It is very spacious, has automatic windows and an alarm, and as the vendor said "other cars get out of your way because it is so big." There is plenty of room for surfboards in the back as well. One of the things that made the car very appealing is its ground clearance and 4WD. The roads are horrible around here; they are very narrow and there are potholes all over the place. In the rainy season some of the roads wash out also, so this seems like the kind of vehicle one wants to have around here.
We got our Costa Rican drivers licenses during the first week that we were here, so the only things left for us to do are to buy insurance and have a lawyer notarize the papers in our name. We usually go to and from school on the school bus, which goes right by our house. We will probably keep taking the bus, but now we won't have to spend money on taxis every time we want to go somewhere. We will post pictures of it soon.

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