Saturday, October 27, 2007

United Nations Day

Last Friday was United Nations Day at CDS. It is a special day for our school since there are students from about 40 different countries enrolled there. The kids came to school dressed up in clothes from their countries. There were flags around the school from all of the different nations, in alphabetical order. The students went to their flags, and then marched to the gym. It was really neat because each they played traditional music and announced the names of each country as the students marched out. Costa Rica, Mexico, and the United States seemed to have the most representatives.
Each grade also studied a different country for UN day. Third grade studied Germany, and Fourth grade studied Eretria. The kids practiced dances from the different countries for a few weeks and performed them at the assembly. Our students danced the Waltz and a traditional Eretrian dance. Also, we were recruited to perform a hip-hop dance in front of all of the students and parents. We danced to one of the songs from "High School Musical 2," which is a really popular movie and soundtrack with the students. We spent a few lunch periods practicing the dance with a choreographer, and on Friday we all wore red shirts, jeans, and baseball hats. The dance went well and the kids thought that it was really cool. We even taught them the moves when we got back to class. Rumor has it that we will reprise the dance for an assembly at the end of the year too.

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