Sunday, October 21, 2007

Around the House and on the Road

Today we spent the morning cleaning up the house and planning out the busy week ahead of us. We have turned in all of our students' grades, and next week we have parent conferences in the afternoon. After planning our meals for the week and making a grocery list, we hit the road for a Sunday drive.
Escazu has A LOT of traffic, and Sunday is the most mellow day for driving. The weather was bright and sunny, so we drove into the hills on the old highway that goes through the neighboring town of Santa Ana. We kept going to Ciudad Colon, which is even further out in the country. Some parts of Escazu are quite developed, so it is very refreshing to get out into some open space. We kept going through Colon, on a steep and windy highway which we thought would take us to the Peace University.
The narrow road was a little bit hairy to drive on, although the views were breathtaking. We traveled high into the mountains, where the vegetation was thick with diverse with pines, banana trees, ferns and the occasional coffee plantation. We drove for a considerable amount of time, and never saw any other Peace University signs, so we must have gone the wrong way. We did not see any signs for that matter, just occasional shacks, cantinas, and artisenia vendors. The road kept getting steeper and windier (I don't know how that was possible), and when it started raining we decided to head back. It was easy enough to find our way back, although a few of the turns required close attention to find.
The rain became very heavy, and the roads soon became flooded. It was satisfying to find our way back home and become more familiar with the surrounding towns. The scenery on our drive was beautiful, with lush plants and brightly painted houses. However, the best part was seeing all of the people going about their ways and the many adorable little dogs that we saw hanging out on the side of the road.

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