Saturday, August 18, 2007

Nothing new

Nothing new really. We have been busy getting our classrooms ready and having meetings at school. The kids all come on Tues. (because Mon. is a national holiday for Mother's Day). :) We are excited to get the school year going! Another seemingly dull but very exciting thing that happened this week was a big trip to the grocery store! We finally were able to fill our cupboards and have been really enjoying being able to eat at home since then!
This morning we got to go the the market in the church plaza in the center of Escazu that they have every Saturday. We had been looking forward to going because we kept hearing about all of the wonderful fruits and vegetables you can buy for very cheap prices. It really met and perhaps exceeded our expectations! We bought lots of delicious fruits and vegetables and bought some coconuts with straws in them for a little refreshing drink when we first arrived at the market after a 15 minute uphill walk. One of the funnier parts of the market was the Peruvian flautists playing American popular music including songs by the Eagles and Paul Simon. It was very enjoyable.
Anyway we are happy and healthy and adjusting nicely. Our great new house helps too, please enjoy the pictures!

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