Friday, August 31, 2007

Week 2...done.

Another week of school is over and we are looking forward to some relaxation. It was a very busy week and Thursday in particular. Thursday morning started out with an assembly for student council election speeches, followed about an hour later by an assembly involving grades 3-12 in the gym to watch Jane Goodall. While we as teachers were very interested and while the students were initially interested and excited to see Ms. Goodall, the presentation was not geared towards kids as young as them and the kids lost interest pretty quick. While the kids did their best to be quiet we did our best as teachers to deny bathroom breaks and use our practiced teacher "look" to keep the kids quiet, while still trying to listen. It was a little bit stressful but still exciting! If that were not enough fun for one day it was the first rainy day recess so no lunch break...and then it was also Back-to-School Night. It was a first for both of us. We were both pretty nervous to be in front of eager eyed parents paying so much money to have us teach their kids, but it went pretty well all in all. So, after the 13 hour day at school yesterday it was really hard to go today..but now it is over and it is the weekend and we are going to stay here in Escazu this weekend. Tomorrow morning we are planning on going to the mercado (market) in Escazu Centro to get our groceries for the week. We have been once before and the prices really are unbeatable! It has been raining A LOT! The other 4th grade teacher Debbie says it is raining more then normal this wet season, and the preschool principal said that a storm we had on Monday was the worst she has seen in the 7 years she has been here. The rain takes some getting used to but it is the flooding that really takes getting used to. Our house has not flooded (yet) but my (Allie's) classroom has almost flooded a few times except that my wonderful cleaning lady and the maintenance crew swept the water out of the doorway. A lot of our friends and neighbors arrive home in the evening to puddles in their living rooms so in that respect we are feeling fortunate. It has hard to believe we have not even been here a month yet, it really feels like home in a lot of ways. Having the ability to email and use Skype makes a big difference too!

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