Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sunday in San Rafael de Escazu

Today we walked to a coffee shop for breakfast called Te Con Te. Allie and I both had juevos rancheros and cafe con leche. There were hardly any other people, so we had great service and tasty food. It was nice to use the fast internet connection and watch a little futbol (Chicago vs. Salt Lake), and the coffee with steamed milk hit the spot.
We also walked down to the farmacia to buy vitamin b to help keep the mosquitos away. On the way back we stopped at a video store and opened up an account. DVDs are 1,200 colons, which is like to bucks. You get to keep them for a week, and they are two-for-one on Wednesdays. After that we went into a toy store near our house and picked up travel Scrabble en Espanol, and a 750 piece puzzle of Machu Piccu.
The streets of Escazu were a lot less crowded today. It was nice to be able to cross the streets without having to wait for the crazy drivers to stop. There must have been some kind of marathon going on as well, because we saw a few hundred runners go past us in a big group. Right now we are trying to help our neighbor's cat, Tuanis, feel more comfortable. One of the dogs, Tita really wants to come inside, so there is some dog/cat tension going on. Tomorrow we will probably read up on some back-to-school books to help get ready for the big day on Tuesday.

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Katy said...

I was just wondering yesterday if scrabble in other languages has pieces with accents or not. So do they?