Saturday, August 25, 2007

Vamos a la playa!

We have had very busy and eventful weeks, but we made it! Allie's fourth grade students are quiet and respectful and kind and generally angelic. Joe's third graders are a little more chatty but very sweet kids. It is fun to watch the kids play soccer at recess every day and a little less fun when they track in heaps of mud afterwards. It has been raining every day as it is rainy season but that doesn't stop the soccer playing. We manage to stay afloat thanks to the other teachers at our grade levels as well as all of the time we get to prep while our kids are at music, spanish, art, computer, pe, and library. The kids go to Spanish for 45 min. every day and go to art, PE, and music two times a week, with computer and library one time each week. On Friday's Allie does not have her kids at all between 9:00am and 1:00 pm. We have found some rules at the school that you might not find in the states such as keeping your shirt tucked in, and not to pick the fruits off of the trees beceause the fruit is for the maintenance staff. Our hard work this week payed off and yesterday after school we hired a taxi to take us to Playa Hermosa. After a death defying, stomach wrenching taxi ride we made it to a beautiful beach oasis called Terraza del Pacifico. You can literally walk out of the door to the beach and even more important to Joe, one of the best surf spots in the country. The hotel is slightly pricier and much better maintained then some of the other surfer oriented cabinas in the area. The weather here is a little more humid then it is in Escazu, but we have generally adjusted to the weather.

The first week or so we were in CR we noticed that no matter what we did we were being eaten by mosquitos but then one of the other 4th grade teachers turned us on to taking vitamin B and it really works! We have not been bit once since we began taking the vitamins every day. Being here so close to the water we are very happy that we repel the nasty little pests.

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